Fairy House Hanging Conifer Cottage


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  • This nature-inspired Fairy House was designed and built by master fairy house architect and author Sally J. Smith for NEBG’s Enchanted Forest. Constructed using White Birch bark, White Birch twigs, Golden Birch bark, Red Pine and Balsam cones, White Pine cone scales, and White Cedar Twigs. Also used antique glass beads, silk and fabric flowers, Aurora fairy film and multi-colored micro LED lights. Sustainably harvested by the artist.
  • “I believe fairy houses resonate because they are approachable, and they represent the idea of home. Whether home means this little dwelling for fairies, the home where we live, or our home on Earth, that connection we as human beings have to Mother Nature is something that I think is ancient and spiritual. It evokes in us a kind of healing energy, a magical energy that comes from just being in awe of nature in a very simple way. I hope that connection is what people sense when they explore the collection of Enchanted Forest fairy houses. I hope they wonder, ‘How did she do that?’ And I hope that wonder inspires them to notice small things in nature and experience more of the natural world for themselves.”