Fairy Houses How to Create Whimsical Homes


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  • Learn how to craft breathtaking fairy homes exclusively from elements found in nature, step-by-step, from master fairy house author and architect Sally J. Smith.
  • Imagine a fairy home that has dragonfly wings as stained-glass windows, twigs for window frames, birch bark for walls, and dried mushrooms for shingles—with Fairy Houses, you can create one in your own garden.
  • Browse gorgeous photographs of fairy houses in nature, then design your home following the outlined steps, gather tools and materials, create magical fairy house components, including intricately detailed doors and windows, put it all together to create your own unique fairy house and add lighting and interiors and add finishing touches, like a bark roof covering or a stone pathway. The final chapter gives step-by-step photo instructions on how to construct two different fairy homes.
  • Autographed copies available.